George Brough’s Wristwatch For Sale With H&H Classics December 7th

1940s / 1950s Omega Bumper RA Watch £4,000 - £6,000

28/11/2022     General News

George Brough’s wristwatch - 1940s/ 1950s Omega Bumper RA Watch £4,000 - £6,000

To own something personal of the legendary motorcycle and car designer George Brough must surely be an ambition of every biking enthusiast and now his personal wristwatch is coming to auction with J&H Classics.

The Brough name is better known for motorcycles than cars, as the company produced over 3,000 two-wheelers between 1919 and 1940. Dubbed the `Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles', they were prestige machines that attracted a discerning clientele, and among the many famous Brough owners were George Bernard Shaw and T E Lawrence (`Lawrence of Arabia') who had no less than eight and, of course, famously lost his life on one.

His watch would have been a constant companion on his wrist as he designed his wonderful machines and then made them live.

The current owner of the watch says: “This Omega watch was previously owned and worn by George Brough and was given to my father in 1973 by Mrs Brough as a gesture of friendship as dedicated to Brough Superior Motors in Vernon Road, Basford, Nottingham.

My father Albert Baily joined the company shortly after the war, having worked at RAF Lyneham as an aircraft engine specialist. He joined Brough Superior Motors as a foreman in the garage section and rose to become manager before retiring. During that time, apart from managing the garage, he drove Mr Brough around in his numerous cars.

Apart from the Brough Superior, I remember travelling with my father in Mr Brough’s numerous Jaguars, an XK120, XK140 and an early E-type as well. When we were married (my wife and myself where students at the time) Mr Brough loaned my father his Jaguar so we could use my father’s car to take to Islay on our honeymoon. The company was eventually sold to Bonser Engineering shortly before my father retired.”