East Cheshire Hospice

10/10/2022     General News

H&H are proud to support East Cheshire Hospice and join them in celebrating the 5th anniversary of their Hospice @Home service. 
East Cheshire Hospice has been serving the East Cheshire community for over 30 years; delivering end of life care effectively and compassionately. Given the choice, most of us would like to spend our final days in a place where we feel most at home. However, for many people this is not possible due to limited resources which can lead to unwanted admissions to hospital.
Hospice @Home is a service launched in 2017 and has adapted over the years to provide additional support to patients who wish to remain in the place they call home in the final months of their lives. East Cheshire Hospice believe that people facing end of life should have the choice to receive care wherever they feel most comfortable, and the Hospice @Home team are there to provide you and your loved ones with complete peace of mind.
If you would like to help support East Cheshire Hospice, please click here.