Beale-Roberts take the Championship at ICGP 2017

15/09/2017     Motorbikes


at ICGP European Championship 2017

H&H are delighted to announce that Team Beale-Roberts (George Beale, H&H Motorcycles) travelled to Rijecka circuit in Croatia for 4th round of the ICGP European Championship and were successful in winning both races over the weekend giving them enough points to clinch the Championship.

The next and final round will be held at Almeria circuit in Spain.   

 "Obviously the pressure is off now but as we have gained maximum points in each round so far we would like to achieve the same in Spain"

George Beale | H&H Classics

The organizer of the series is in talks with the FIM now regarding the possibility of securing  ‘World ‘ status for the championship in  2018, and there is already one round planned for Brazil next year. Watch this space...



    1. Mike Edwards ACU (Team Beale-Roberts)
    2. Jean Paul Lecointe FFM
    3. Guillaume Foureau FFM

Best lap: Mike Edwards 1.41.889



    1. Stefan Tennstadt DMSB
    2. Don Gilbert ACU
    3. Colin Sleigh ACU

Best lap: Stefan Tennstadt 1.45.079

RACE 2: 


    1. Mike Edwards ACU  (Team Beale-Roberts)
    2. Richard Peers Jones ACU
    3. Jean Paul Lecointe FFM

Best lap: Mike Edwards 1.55.687



    1. Stefan Tennstadt DMSB
    2. Colin Sleigh ACU
    3. Don Gilbert ACU

Best lap: Stefan Tennstadt 1.56.290