And Now For Something Completely Different. A Homage To The Morgans Of The 1930's

But With Modern Engineering 1981 J.Z.R Honda Trike Estimate £6,000 - £8,000

13/07/2022     General News

1981 J.Z.R Honda Trike Estimate £6,000 - £8,000

There is something magical about this machine if the child in you still lives. A beautiful grown-up ‘toy’ that sets the imagination alive and forms a gateway to the Halcyon days of motoring and what it can still be for the successful bidder at the next H&H Classics auction at The Pavilion Gardens in Buxton on July 27th, where an array of classics will be sold. It will carry you back almost a century into a different motoring universe, but, importantly, with reliability factored in. 

Manufactured in homage to the styling of 1930s Morgans, with increased reliability, this machine is understood to be only the fourth J.Z.R manufactured by their founder John Ziemba.  It was acquired by the vendor in kit form in 2003, having passed through a number of owners without being assembled and was finally completed in 2004 utilising a Honda 500 engine. 

The dream of J.Z.R founder John Ziemba was to ‘recapture the nostalgia of classic ’30’s style motoring for a fraction of the price of the real thing’. Produced in kit form, the kit contained a box-section space frame chassis with welded steel side panels, and GRP front and tail sections. Fully adjustable suspension, steering and brakes employ Ford components, with engine and rear suspension mounting points allowed for either Honda 500, as fitted, or Moto Guzzi powerplants. Production of kits launched in 1990, and as with most kit-based vehicles each JZR is unique to its owner’s taste whilst all vehicles have an aluminium body with many featuring either a machined alloy or walnut dashboard and leather trim. 

Utilising a 1981 Honda CX 500 motorbike engine, this J.Z.R is understood to be the fourth kit that was manufactured by John Ziemba’s firm. Passed through a couple of individuals, who had assumed it was a Moto Guzzi kit rather than a Honda, the vendor purchased the ‘JOX 364W’ in 2003, while still in kit form requiring completion. The build took the subsequent twelve-month (approximate) period, with the J.Z.R taking to the road in 2004. Utilising the Honda 500 engine allied to a four-speed manual transmission, the Trike features desirable three-wheel braking, rear-mounted fuel tank, and reversible cooling fan, allowing winter motoring with a heater, should the owner wish! 

Finished in Green with Red interior upholstery, the vendor informs that he has covered many miles in the three-wheeler, including tours of the Yorkshire Dales, with a displayed mileage of 49,819 miles (at the time of consignment). Said by the vendor to have been ‘very reliable’, ‘JOX 364W’ is offered with some previous invoices and MOT test certificates, literature relating to J.Z.R cars, and a current V5C document. A great balance of encapsulated classic ’30s Morgan styling and fun, with improved reliability!