12/08/2020     General News

Not many cars can claim to have been owned by just one family for 105 years like this stunning 1915 Hupmobile Model HA Tourer for sale with H&H Classics on August 19th in an Auction Online sale.

Currently located in Londonderry it has been owned from new by the MacFlynn family from Magherafelt, Northern Ireland.

The car comes with its original sales invoice and is offered with all its early history.

Damian Jones, Head of Sales for H&H Classics says of the car: “This is a rare opportunity.”

This remarkable 1915 Hupmobile Model HA was first registered with on the 20th of April 1915. After seeing a listing in a June edition of the Irish Times in 1914 "The Hup" was later ordered by Mr MacFlynn a Spirit Merchant from Magherafelt, Northern Ireland. It was ordered in early 1915 through The Dublin Motor Company via McStay and Colgan, an Automobile Engineering Company in Belfast, with an optional Westinghouse Electric Starter, Westinghouse Dynamo, Five Electric Lamps and 815x105 Dunlop Tyres (Including Spare).

The Hupmobile itself was imported from the USA to London and was then shipped to Dublin in May 1915 where it was then duly delivered to Mr MacFlynn who would become the second owner of a Motorcar in Magherafelt.

This Hupmobile was in regular and daily use by him and his family from delivery until approximately 1936 when it was eventually decommissioned and was placed in one of sheds only to be seen occasionally by family members as they explored the shed. In 1966 the Hupmobile was passed on to William's Son Charles, who in the late 1970s, pulled it out of the shed and began a partial/light restoration. After this, Charles used the Hupmobile regularly to attend local Vintage Rallies and Car Shows between 1980 and 2000.

In 2000 the Hupmobile was eventually passed onto its current Owner, Mr L MacFlynn who is the late Charles MacFlynn's Nephew and the late William James MacFlynn's Grandson.

Now a third-generation custodian of OI 3389, the Hupmobile was used locally until 2009/2010 when it was then put back into storage - then in 2016 they set about beginning the full restoration of the Hupmobile which consisted of a full overhaul of the complete car to bring it back to its former glory as it was in 1915 which took roughly two years and was completed in 2018 to an extremely high standard. The coachwork and overall condition of this Hupmobile is in excellent order and the car still retains its matching numbers as it was when it was new - it is also accompanied by a folder full of paperwork showcasing its history.

Unfortunately, post restoration – the car has not received the use that it deserves, and it is with a heavy heart that the MacFlynn family have decided collectively that it is time for this 105-year old 3rd generation family owned Model HA to be passed onto a new custodian who can give "The Hup" the spotlight it really deserves.

Henry Ford paid the ‘Hupp’ 20 the ultimate compliment. "I recall looking at Bobby Hupp's roadster at the first show where it was exhibited and wondering whether we could ever build as good a small car for as little money."

Hupmobiles were built from 1909 through 1939 by the Hupp Motor Car Company. The prototype was developed in 1908 and had its first successful run on November 8 with investors aboard for champagne at the Tuller Hotel a few blocks away. The company was incorporated in November of that year. The first Hupmobile model, the Hupp 20, was introduced at the 1909 Detroit Automobile Show. It was an instant success.


Found in Lincolnshire, this 1951 Lagonda 2.6 Litre Saloon sleeping beauty, is going to make someone a fantastic restoration project. H&H Classics estimate that it will sell for £8,000 - £10,000.

The Lagonda is described by Damian Jones of H&H Classics as “A seemingly complete, original and unmolested barn find that has been in the present family ownership since the 1950s. It was laid up in 1961 due to a carburettor fault and has been unused since.”

“The chassis is reportedly "sound". Sadly the logbook has been mislaid but may be found by the time of the auction. This is an exciting restoration project or special builder's dream!”