H&H Classic Car Auction showroom featuring Rolls Royce and Mercedes


What is Live Online?

Why is H&H, which has a longer continual trading history than any UK rival, offering Live Auctions Online?

More and more expensive goods are being sold online from houses through to yachts. Indeed, online transactions now make up over 20% of the UK’s retail spending.

Online bidders accounted for 35% of the cars and motorcycles sold through H&H’s physical auctions last year.

Advances in technology mean that attending a physical auction and having to compete with others to view a car is not always the best way of ascertaining its condition.

Live Online Ticks All the Boxes!

As 'hands-on' or as 'hands-off' as you want to be...

  • We can take all the photos / videos OR we can accept vendor supplied entry requirements
  • H&H will prepare the vehicle description
  • Viewings can be conducted at your location or a storage facility. However, so far less than 5% of buyers have availed themselves
    of this facility

More and better images than ever before...

  • A digital listing can showcase more images than a printed catalogue
  • We aim to have a minimum of 40 images on our website for all Live Auction Online entries
  • A video of the vehicle running if possible

No Time Wasters, No Fraudsters...

  • Any questions are filtered through us as are any requests to view cars in advance of the auction
  • No defaulted buyers from any H&H Live Auction Online sales and all cars collected
  • All Live Auction Online vendors were paid in full and on time

Transport is no longer an issue...

  • No transport costs to auction venues, you remain in control of the vehicle
  • The successful buyer arranges collection at a mutually convenient time

The benefits of a live auctioneer...

  • A live auction provides a far more competitive bidding environment than a timed one. There are no concerns as to sniping software
    because our auctioneer is in control
  • The live auction format allows telephone bidders to participate broadening the pool of potential buyers
  • A live auction has more drama, excitement and sense of occasion than a timed one ever will

Showcase your car to a global audience without having to move it anywhere...

  • H&H’s Live Auctions Online have attracted buyers from California, Qatar and Singapore as well as from mainland Europe and throughout the UK
  • Benefit from the exceptional national and international marketing reach of a trusted auction house that has sold over 20,000 vehicles and has more than 60,000 clients worldwide
  • Our website www.handh.co.uk attracts over 200,000 page views per week plus social media channels include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

The personal touch...

  • You can reach us on the end of a telephone
  • You will have a single point of contact rather than having to deal with an anonymous call centre or chatbot
  • All vendor funds are personally guaranteed by H&H’s Chairman, Simon Hope


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National Motorcycle Museum | Solihull, West Midlands
30th Oct, 2024 11:00
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