Lot 2

- Withdrawn

Lot details

PLEASE NOTE: This Lot is Withdrawn from our 14th October 2015 auction.

Believed to all originate from the same Vincent Comet motorcycle, originally registered KYX 461. We have performed a vehicle check on this registration and it appears that its whereabouts are no longer known. This selection of parts includes -

1. A dismantled 500cc engine, numbered F5AB/2A/3902.
2. A front wheel with drum brake assembly.
3. Instrumentation.
4. Dismantled gearbox, with casing and kickstart assembly
5. Handlebars with cables and fittings.
6. Rear suspension parts and brake components
7. A Large selection of sundry spares.

Please note - We do not have any documentation with this lot.

Offered entirely without reserve.