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IN THE PRESS | The 'Darth Vader' of Harley-Davidsons goes to auction

FULL ARTICLE: https://howtospendit.ft.com/vehicles/201518-the-darth-vader-of-harley-davidsons-goes-to-auction

IN THE PRESS | Shropshire Lad’s motorcycles, sidecars headed to auction

FULL ARTICLE: https://news.classiccars.com/shropshire-lads-motorcycles-sidecars-headed-auction/

IN THE PRESS | Queen's Daimler draws a crowd at H&H Auction

FULL ARTICLE: https://news.classiccars.com/queens-daimler-draws-crowd-hh-auction/

IN THE PRESS | Queen's Daimler sold at auction for £43,000

FULL ARTICLE: http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/update/2017-07-27/queens-daimler-sold-at-auction-for-43-000/

IN THE PRESS | Little Mini Cooper with a curious history set to fetch $140,000

FULL ARTICLE: http://www.driven.co.nz/reviews/classic-cars/little-mini-with-a-curious-history-set-to-fetch-140-000/

IN THE PRESS | Restore or Preserve? Bidders will decide as H&H offers 1967 Porsche 911S Twins

FULL ARTICLE: https://news.classiccars.com/restore-preserve-bidders-will-decide-hh-offers-1967-porsche-911s-twins/

IN THE PRESS | 'Marples' Mini Must Go!': Unique Mini hatchback owned by former Transport Minister will be sold at auction for up to £80,000

FULL ARTICLE: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-4670996/Mini-Cooper-owned-Ernest-Marples-sale.html

IN THE PRESS | Nelehký osud jedinečné Bugatti. Za války do ní stříleli, dnes má milionovou hodnotu

FULL ARTICLE: http://autoroad.cz/historie/87299-nelehky-osud-jedinecne-bugatti-za-valky-do-ni-strileli-dnes-ma-milionovou-hodnotu

IN THE PRESS | Mini with celebrity past heads to auction

FULL ARTICLE: https://classics.honestjohn.co.uk/news/auction-news/2017-07/mini-with-celebrity-past-heads-to-auction/

IN THE PRESS | Bugatti Type 44 with WW2-surviving Vanvooren body offered at auction

FULL ARTICLE: http://www.classicandperformancecar.com/bugatti/type-44/5688/bugatti-type-44-with-ww2-surviving-vanvooren-body-offered-at-auction

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