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Sidecar Heaven - Shropshire lad sells 30 year old combo

Sidecar Heaven

Shropshire lad sells his classic motorbike side-car collection, put together over 30 years

1936 Nimbus Model C Sport Combination

H&H Classics is selling a group of unique and fascinating bikes and cars from the Shropshire collection of Bill Ward of Hadnall at the National Motorbike Museum on September 2nd.

Bike enthusiast Bill started out working at the Sentinal Works in Shrewsbury as an apprentice on the lathes, part of his training as a draftsman and engineer. Sentinel Waggon Works made steam-powered lorries, railway locomotives, and later, diesel lorries and locomotives. The company was later acquired by Rolls Royce. 

Bill says he preferred motorbike and sidecar combinations and took his wife and older daughter as a baby to visit relatives in London for holidays. In his later years he bought the Panther which he restored, then he bought the BMW followed by the AerialSquare4 and sidecar.

He owned the Austin 7 for around 30 years before restoring it with the help of a friend and mechanic. He taught himself to spray and completed the bodywork with a stunning finish.


When the Panther sidecar was restored he started it up with the alternator out of line and the kick back threw him access the drive and broke his ankle which led him to buy the BMW R69 electric start! He never did ride the Panther again until many years later when a friend started it up for him. 

His last trip on the BMW was to Onslow Park Shrewsbury Steam Rally last August. Sadly his health has deteriorated and so he will be missed at all the local rally's and shows such as Onslow, Malpas, Oswestry, the motorcycle show at Stafford, and many many more.

His daughter, Alison McCarthy, says: “Everyone knew his BMW. He won many trophies with all his bikes and was very proud of them. I will be sad to see them sold as it’s been a big part of my life too but I hope they go to people who will love and cherish them as we have done. “

The first notable item in this collection is a charming blue and white 1936 Nimbus Model C Sport Combination 750 CC estimated to sell for £7,000 – £9,000. Unrestored and original it has matching numbers, is in running order and with a Bender sidecar for a passenger.

1962 Panther Model 120 Combination, a bike with a kick!

A black and orange 1962 Panther Model 120 Combination CC 645

Estimate £5,000 – £7,000 is sure to turn heads. This older restoration has matching numbers, is in running order and features a two-seater Watsonian sidecar.

Date: 16/08/2017

Author: H&H Classics