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WORLD RECORD for Professional's Capri

A TV automotive legend, Bodie’s 3-litre Ford Capri from the long running series 'The Professionals' sold for £55,000 at H&H Classics auction at Duxford today, setting a new world record for a 3-litre Capri.

The Professionals aired on ITV from 1977 to 1983 with 57 episodes produced. Bodie (acted by Lewis Collins) is an ex-paratrooper, mercenary and SAS sergeant, ruthless and willing to take on criminals on their own terms. His Strato-Silver Capri was as much a star as the human leads themselves and will be fondly remembered by millions who loved the series. In fact Ford permanently loaned several near identical Capri 3.0S cars to the production company for filming and promotional purposes. Fans of the series will know that the ones used for action sequences / stunt driving led particularly hard lives!


Bodie’s Capri was featured in various magazines and in ‘The Professionals’ book written by Bob Rocca. The Professionals was created by Brian Clemens who had been one of the driving forces behind The Avengers.

A ladies' man, Bodie was always ready with a witty comment, and tended to hide his intelligence behind his hard-man image. Specialising in weaponry, martial arts and advanced driving, Bodie was the muscle of the three leading actors. His car seemed an extension of the man.

Estimated to sell for £35,000 - £45,000, the 1978 Ford Capri 3.0S on offer featured in seven episodes of The Professionals (Series 2) but carried the fake registration ‘UOO 303T’ during filming. A notably early example taken from Ford’s press fleet, its iconic Strato Silver livery was complemented by a tartan plaid Fishnet Recaro interior. Extensively restored two years ago the former TV star is now in very good condition and has even graced the front cover of Classic Ford magazine (Summer 2015 issue).

Damian Jones, Sales Manager at H&H Classic, says: “This classic car is also a wonderful piece of entertainment memorabilia. Classic cars and film props are two of the fastest growing areas in collecting where we have seen values soar. You only have to think of Julie Garland’s little gingham dress from the Wizard of Oz which sold recently for $1.5m to have some idea where this film memorabilia market is going.”

It was used in seven episodes of series two:

* Hunter/Hunted -19th June - 30th June - Camden Town NW1 and East India Docks 

* First Night - 3 July - 14th July - Hillingdon/Lambeth/Edgware, Belvedere Road, Jubilee Gardens.

*  The Rack - 17th July - 28July - Hammersmith/Butlers Green Sudbury, Middlesex.

* Man Without a Past - 31st July - 11th August, a car chase,  Partingdale Lane/Firth Lane, Lullinghton Garth Finchley North London/Highwood Hill/Bridge Street, Pinner.

* A Stirring of Dust -12th Sept -25th Sept - Kentish Town NW1

* Fall Girl -12th Oct - 27th Oct - The Gloucester Hotel , Harrington Gardens SW8.

* Backtrack - 30th Oct - 3rd Nov - Ledbury Road Notting Hill W2.

Date: 20/04/2016

Author: H&H Classics