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George Turner

Sales Support

George joined the ‘World in Action’ team in 1966 and has travelled to every corner of the globe. He helped to reveal the growing silent mutiny of American troops against the war in Vietnam, filmed in Eastern Europe as the Berlin wall came down and covered the first outbreaks of violence in Northern Ireland. His 30 years working on this renowned TV programme earned him the nickname ‘Action Man’.

George has had a lifelong interest in classic cars. In 1945, his father bought a 1937 Singer Nine Sports which George inherited and is still very much part of the Turner family. George has been part of the ‘backroom’ staff at H&H since 2004 - a role he thoroughly enjoys.

A leading film director, Michael Apted, wrote ‘those of us lucky enough to have worked with George will recognise the boyish enthusiasm and the almost fool-hardy courage and total commitment that he brings to everything he does’.

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